Can I modify go-ipfs source code?

I have downloaded the source code of Go-IPFS on Github. I want to make some modifications to the features of IPFS, so I want to modify the source code of Go-IPFS and build a private network to test its performance. Is that feasible? How to compile after modifying the source code? Do you need to run make install again in Linux? Can you give me a link if there is a tutorial?

If you are using git, fork the current repository (or clone it or download it), anything you are doing will be on your own copy, then you will make whatever changes you want, then request it to be pulled (pull request). Because it’s a community project, you don’t just upload your code to the official codebase, which is using github, what will happen is the people in charge will review your change, probably ask you a few questions in the pull request on github, then if it’s ok your version will be merged to the offcial version, and when the next 1 or 2 release of ipfs happens, your commit would then be include