Can not access file

Can not access file with shared link for index-t.html and new file.txt

I am using ipfs client in my ubuntu 18.04

What do you mean by “cannot access”? Did you maybe also run a CLI command to check and see if you can get the file that way? What output error did it show?

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I wanted to share a file, so uploaded to the ipfs-desktop, clicked on share link and copied the link, sent the link ( to my friend. Now he should be able to get the file when he goes to this link, but he can not. then i tried the link on my browser and i also can not get the file in the link, it keeps loading

The diagnostic steps would be: try CLI and check network reach-ability between the two machines:

  1. First use CLI to ‘add’ a file (use a different file)
  2. Then do a cat or stat via CLI from your own machine to verify you can access it yourself, and if you can then see if CLI works to cat it from other machine.
  3. use ping or tracert to check that both machines can also ‘see’ each other over the network.

This will narrow down the source to one of: low level bug, IPFS Desktop client but, or network problem.

I am facing another problem, which i guess can solve both problem. From machine A i have uploaded file, but can not access from B. When from B i try
ipfs swarm connect /ip4/

i get this

Error: connect my_hash failure: failed to dial my_hash: all dials failed
  * [/ip4/] dial tcp4> i/o timeout

ping doesnt response
Can you please help me regarding this?

I’m not experienced with ‘swarm’ stuff, so that’s not something I know about. However, you didn’t actually run it with “my_hash” right? I guess you had your actual hash there when you ran it?