CID Blocking on gateway

I am looking for help with blocking questionable content that’s getting served from the IPFS gateway.

The current problem I am facing: We are building an application that serves any GitHub code deployed version of a static site from our gateway. Someone is trying to deploy the web app from git that has a malicious code due to which chrome is blocking our entire domain. After enquiring with chrome, they said some malicious content is getting served from the domain. Now, it’s hard to make them understand our business, but if anyone can help me to solve this issue, it will help us a lot to expand the IPFS network.

Looking forward to your help in resolving it as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Unfortunately if you’re running your own gateway, currently (as you’ve run into), you have to liaise with people like Google to get them to block CIDs instead of the whole domain. I’m not sure what the process is like (and might be easier with subdomain gateways), but perhaps @dietrich knows a bit more info…

You can also block the CID yourself through a reverse proxy, and if Google’s happy with that, that’s a good starting point I’d think.

We are blocking CIDs from our gateways, but the major challenge comes when google blocks us out.