CNAME Cross-User Banned at

DNSLink records were properly configured, site is working without HTTPS. I generated the SSL certificate at for a domain. When accessed via HTTPS, I got Origin DNS error page from Cloudflare…

“While we would like to assist you with your inquiry, for the security and privacy of
our users we can only work with the account holder directly, but your email address
is not listed as the owner of any Cloudflare account.”

But the form at is so IPFS users do not need to set up an account to get HTTPS, right? Signed up an account at Cloudflare, changed nameservers and reconfigured. Origin DNS error changed to “CNAME Cross-User Banned” and appears randomly.

“Cloudflare generally does not allow customers to use CNAME records to point from
their domain to a domain on another Cloudflare account, which is why you are seeing
the Error 1014.”

Should not public gateway allow CNAME from other domains by default? Last response from Cloudflare support is they do not know if they own Cloudflare Distributed Gateway and ordered to contact with owner, which is Cloudflare:

“* If you are attempting to CNAME to a zone outside of you account:
Please have the owner of that account contact us (from the account owner email
address). Only the owner of that account can make this request.”