Connecting IPFS to a website

I was trying to make a website in which users will upload files(small files i.e. upto 20 MB), and i want to store that in IPFS server. I am new to it, although i researched into the docs. Can anyone help a bit on this?

My way was to use docker-compose to launch both my web app and a GO-IPFS instance. Then I expose the go IPFS port only to my app (internal in the docker private network), so that when my app accepts uploads directly to it, from the browser, the way of saving is to post to IPFS via the HTTP api.

The other way to do it securely is to run something like an nginx reverse-proxy and then your web app can use some kind of auth token to save directly to your IPFS instance, but I’ve never done a rev proxy myself. If you search this forum for nginx and the word “reverse proxy” I bet you’d find out how, because it’s been discussed a few times before.