Creating private space on IPFS


In the meantime, I’ll share the mechanism I’m envisioning in my mind.

Data Control Platforms

I envision a mechanism for users to regain sovereignty over their data. For this reason I believe it is necessary to create private spaces. Private space means that the data controller can choose to encrypt or decrypt, in other words, to make data public or private.

The current implementation is that when a user uploads a file to our mechanism, it is encrypted and stored on IPFS. Then, by issuing a non-transferable NFT to the sharing partner, the decryption key can be obtained subject to this NFT. This mechanism is achieved by utilizing the Lit Protocol.

I would like to connect to the platform and the web. The above mechanism just uploads the files that the user has. My goal is to release data trapped on sites and platforms while preserving privacy.
But there are issues that need to be resolved for that to happen.

  • What to do when access permissions are removed
  • How to search data in private space while keeping it encrypted etc.

And users should be able to have multiple spaces, and these spaces should be freely connected to each other. These different private spaces may be per platform or per territory. These should be freely customizable.

I raised a few issues, but IPFS will play a very important role. Its role is to change the CID when data is edited or tampered with. This is an important part of ensuring trust in data when user data becomes controllable. IPFS mechanism makes it possible to verify that data is correct even when attributing users.

For more information, please see this link: Data Control Platforms(draft)

There are still many parts and pieces missing, but I believe we can create a human space on the web by creating autonomy through the above mechanisms. Opening up data also allows data to be easily moved between different platforms. I think this will lead to the realization of the Semantic Web.

Please let me know your opinions!
Please let me know if this is not appropriate for posting here again.
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