Curated list of IPFS gateways

I hope to have a 100mbit dedicated public gateway setup in the next few weeks. Once that happens, I will reply with details.

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Updated for pull request, but moved to the following repo due to size:

CLI has been updated to v1.2.1:

Now includes option -u | --upload | --cache to cache an IPFS object from your local node or a remote node on a public gateway.

You can check gateway list from here

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I’ve added a couple of URLs via pull request:

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At some point FileNation will also be running its own gateway.

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The gateway has moved to


Just got these online earlier this week, they will be refined as time goes on. Attempting to browse anything other than /ipfs/... and /ipns/... will redirect to google.


I used to use these gateways quite a bit, is there any reason they might be acting slow?

For context: I’m working on a machine learning algorithm that opens a random port, and then using localtunnel to make it a temporary public URL. Since I’m having trouble reinstalling localtunnel, I thought I might try rewriting the code to use IPFS instead.