Curated list of IPFS gateways

Those are the ones mentioned in this topic:

Currently not working:

Note: just append /ipfs/<HASH> or /ipns/<HASH> to the URL.

Are there more? Months ago I stumbled across another one (somewhere in the American South, I believe), but it was already non-functional at the time.

Would be nice to have a list of available gateways. (PS: I’m going to edit the above list accordingly.)


I know Infura runs a public gateway as well:

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I am planning to build a public (serious) one next month :slight_smile:


There is a IPFS gateway served over Onion as well, ipfs4uvgthshqonk.onion


cachewarmer maintains a list of public gateways that are open to “content preloading”:


added and some info on cURL support + (currently?) not-working gateways

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What do you mean by cURL support?
I can use curl to download stuff from gateway :confused: :~S

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Really? I tried that, i.e. curl -o filename, but to no avail. Only direct download in the browser worked. Maybe I did something wrong. (?) Will try it again.

You’re right. I used http instead of https! Oh, man. :blush:

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Could you update it to ?

Done done done done done (now I have 20 characters. Jeez!)


added to the list

Also came across this simple little web application that lists some public gateways and also their status, should be useful!





Forgot to leave a update here. Tried to find the source code for the page linked in the above post, but couldn’t. Given it wasn’t minified, I just imported it into Github ( ) so we could host it on Github Pages (in case the gateway stopped working for whatever reason).

If you come across new public gateways, a PR with adding it to the list, would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks @cbluth for the addition of the macholibre gateway!

Thanks, I have two more soon to come (these will be much smaller/slower).

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Afaik needs to be Just tried it without the “www”, and it didn’t work. (?)

Quick shell version. Note that sed substitutes “eternum” for “www.eternum”, which needs to be removed once the gateways list on Github has been updated.


Removed: updated version below

I would recommend including that shell script in a PR in the repo posted above ^, Victor might oblige.


I’ve created a pull request: