Cyber Stasis - What would our world look like without the concept of money?

Have you ever wondered what society would look and behave like if we didn’t use money in our economy?

This might sound like science fiction but with the Great Reset just around the corner it’s what would likely happen next.

For this reason and out of curiosity I have created a fictional economic simulator in the form of a multiplayer game running on the IPFS network so we can actually test it in real life.

The Mission

The mission of Cyber Stasis is to prototype a working economic simulator as an alternative to the monetary system. It’s goal is to be a living proof that the market economy can operate without exchange.

The Story

Welcome people from the past. I am here to tell you what happened after the Great Reset. The year is 2105. Humanity now lives in a post-capitalism era. We no longer work by schedule and necessity. Automation has replaced all repetitive and dangerous jobs. The concept of work has diminished. There are no countries and the concept of money has long been forgotten. Private property was abolished and corporations were transformed into cooperatives. We are all connected in an open source p2p network. Every day we open up our Cyber Stasis dashboards to request goods and services we need for the day and to provide what we can.

Let’s simulate the future together!