Liquid democracy simulator

A lot of people say if you care about global problems just be a politician. But is only the politician allowed to care about such issues? Isn’t every living human being having that same right which is taken by the politicians with no other options presented? That’s what representative democracy is all about. Full unconditional representation until the next election vote. Immense transfer of power with no guarantees whatsoever.

Cyber Acid is a political simulator based on the liquid democracy concept. It is designed as an integration module that works with Cyber Stasis - the moneyless economy simulator.


Great project. Noticed that gives a 404 and you mention it in the README, why does it need a custom go-ipfs/kubo ?

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Thanks. Sorry it was a leftover from before go-ipfs was renamed. All is fixed now. The custom kubo fork is needed because it includes an orbit-db integration. The reason for this is because wasm can’t access host resources directly from the browser needed for orbit-db to work directly.

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I think politics should boil down to issues. Issues come with stances, stances attach to individuals. Bad actors or people with unfavorable stances on issues need to be called out as individuals and held accountable through boycott - voluntary sanctions by other individuals. When that individual changes stance, sanctions (boycott) can be lifted. If the individual proves to be corrupt time and time again, sanctions are increased to the point of effectively complete economic exile. People who still do business with them would then be sanctioned by association.

Government and other corporations escape individual accountability through movement. They keep shifting around, moving around. It is the cup and ball game. People blame the politicians, but they support and buy from the corporations who pay to get the politicians elected. Therein lies the problem. Individual accountability is what we need.