Delegate Routing not sending HTTP requests

Hey there!
We’re using IPFS heavily in the browser and are running into some performance issues around content discovery. I’m trying to speed that up using Delegate routing. I opened up the relevant API endpoints at & added that address to our config:

const DELEGATE_ADDR = '/dns4/'
const ipfs = IPFS.create({
  config: {
    Addresses: {
      Delegates: [ DELEGATE_ADDR ],
      Swarm: [ SIGNALING_SERVER ]
    Bootstrap: [ PEER_WSS ],

However, while monitoring the network tab, I don’t see any outgoing requests to, for instance, dht/findProvs.

I also checked out the debug statements and nothing in the libp2p-delegated-content-routing is getting logged.

Is there anything else that I need to do to turn delegate routing on? I’ve looked through the documentation & github issues and it seems that I only need to add the address to the config like above.

For reference, we are on js-ipfs@0.50.1 (and go-ipfs@0.6.0 on the server)