Error: routing service is not a DHT

Trying to setup a test website on ipfs after following some instructions I found online.

Hashes seemed to create okay…

added QmZuJybVcrJSteUFhbt4BrqoYHRpHmbJbX4yiu9NRao5dc ipfs

(My test website folder is called ‘ipfs’, sorry for any confusion this causes)

I also registered a infs name, in case that helps…

[root@localhost anton]# ipfs name publish QmZuJybVcrJSteUFhbt4BrqoYHRpHmbJbX4yiu9NRao5dc
Published to QmWzGZuiA1SJaJkBKqTFkYvnYsXPZxqgMuXR2gfLE3PLn3: /ipfs/QmZuJybVcrJSteUFhbt4BrqoYHRpHmbJbX4yiu9NRao5dc

I have checked that is resolves…

[root@localhost anton]# ipfs name resolve QmWzGZuiA1SJaJkBKqTFkYvnYsXPZxqgMuXR2gfLE3PLn3

However, when I try to view via browser using:


I get an error: ipfs resolve -r /ipns/QmWzGZuiA1SJaJkBKqTFkYvnYsXPZxqgMuXR2gfLE3PLn3: could not resolve name

When I check findprovs I get a weird message…

[root@localhost anton]# ipfs dht findprovs QmWzGZuiA1SJaJkBKqTFkYvnYsXPZxqgMuXR2gfLE3PLn3  | wc -l
Error: routing service is not a DHT

Not really sure what this means and googling this error hasn’t brought up anything too useful. Running PCLinuxOS.