Deleting an ipfs website or changing content in it

Hello. Firstly i’d like to say that English isn’t our mother language and we are trying to get better, we are sorry for our mistakes. We really don’t know how to work with ipfs or how to create/change an ipfs website. We have an issue and we really don’t know who to contact.
There’s a website. Here is the link for the website:şarslan.html
It’s a biography of my father, Zekeriya Başarslan. There’s a sentence at the start of the text saying "== Ç O K _ P U Ş T S U N U Z _ A-Q == ". In our language this sentence is full of swear words has been added by an anonymous person. My father is a teacher and currently working in an University. He has students, he works on social media a lot (he is a musician, his department is music) and this page is one of the first pages when you search for his name on a searching site. We’d really appreciate it if you could help us deleting this page or removing the first sentence, the one i quoted above. This is the second time that we are trying to get rid of this page. It hurts my father to see this page as a search result and it really harms his reputation as a teacher. Could you please help us? Thank you…

It looks like the referenced web page is a country specific version of Wikipedia. You could try creating an account on their website and make the edits yourself.

TR Wikipedia

The IPFS resource is probably automatically generated by the Wikipedia host. IPFS isn’t a web site vendor… IPFS developers have no ability to control content posted to the network nor the ability to prevent any particular content from being pinned by any node within the network.

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Thank you so much for the kind, informative and helpful reply. I hope i can fix it.

Hello, I have forwarded the request to The page will be blocked and they will try to get google to remove this result from the search results.

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@hector I can’t even describe how thankful we are. The site is gone from the search results. Thank you so much.

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