How can i delete or edit file?

I appreciate it if someone tells me how I can edit or remove the file in ipfs

You can’t edit a file once it’s on IPFS. You can edit the original file that isn’t on IPFS, and then add that to IPFS but you’ll get a new content hash. The only way you can delete a file is to unpin the content, and then start a garbage collection run. Keep in mind this only removes it from your node. If another node is pinning the same content, it will still be available to users on IPFS.

the original file is Wikipedia. and it is revised. but how can I edit or remove it on ipfs.

IPFS doesn’t support editing of content. You’ll need to edit the original file that you added, and then re-add it. After which you can remove the file from your node by unpinning it, and running garbage collection. You can’t remove something from nodes that you don’t own/manage.

the original file is from wikipedia and Html file on IPFS is different . can you help me.

The file on IPFS is an immutable snapshot of the page on Wikipedia. You can’t change it.

there is a one snapshot of the wikipedia that belongs to 5 years ago and now that page has been changed a lot. how can we request from ipfs website to update that snapshot.

You can’t. If you see a snapshot that begins with, that’s a mutable version that can be updated. If you see one beginning with, that’s an immutable snapshot that can’t be changed.

However, if you believe a page needs to be removed for legal reasons (e.g., it violates your copyright) you can send a request as per That won’t remove the page from the network (other IPFS nodes may have the file and we can’t delete the file from those computers) but it will cause our gateways to refuse to load the content.


So before sending files to IPFS we need to make sure everything is perfect. once it is uploaded then there is no revamps possible immediately…!

So how can IPFS handle Copyright infringement related issues that may come along in the future…!