Do I need to regularly republish my site, so the network doesn't forget it?

I noticed a several times that IPNS cannot resolve my site.

However after the republish it via ipfs name publish it will be available for some time again.
Does this mean I need to regularly republish my site so the network doesn’t forget it?

If you are using recent go-ipfs and running ipfs daemon, it should republish your IPNS entries automatically. If it does not, open Github issue.

You need to keep in mind the garbage collection on public gateways, if thats how youre accessing your site.
A node that contains your content must be present and available on the network in order for your content to be accessible from any node (public gateway, or otherwise).

The daemon were running at the time when I noticed this.

When I notice this next time I will try to repro it and will make an issue.

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