Docker Services in IPFS (Not vice versa)


it is posible to run a Docker Container on a Host that are connected with the IPFS? So that the containers can connect to each other via HTTP API! :flushed:

And I do not mean if you can run IPFS in a Docker container. I know that already.


This is host dependent and not related to IPFS. If the host can run Docker, you may then have an IPFS node running along side and have your docker containers interact with it. IPFS is a filesystem oriented thing while docker is more a compute/execute related thing. Are you thinking about doing some edge computing relying on IPFS for filestorage/sharing? Some projects are already working on related subjects like or the golem project.

Yes, I intend to do something like that, but I would like to run my own decentralized network. The projects you mentioned already offer something like that, but as a global service.

In my idea, could I use IPFS as a backup volume, for example? So that all backups are distributed to all participants?

Thank you very much for your hints, they will certainly help me!