IPFS in Docker with HTTPS

I have created a docker image that you can use to manage your ipfs nodes.
See here: https://github.com/cbluth/ipfs-gateway

Its based off of Caddy and ipfs of course, and supports free https via caddy/letsencrypt. It also supports persistence by mounting /data in the container.

I use this docker image on my private ipfs-gateway, which I run on a very cheap VPS. I pay about $4 a month with unmetered network from ovh, but there are others out there that you can use like digitalocean or aws.

Let me know what you think, issues and pull requests welcome.


Just as an example of how easy it is to use docker:

  1. I just now googled for container as a service providers, and i found sloppy.io (i dont understand the name, but the service seems to work just fine).
  2. I made a free account (signed in with github, didnt require any payment info).
  3. I deployed my docker image with a few clicks (I also took advantage of the extra 24 GBs and added it to the node)

And here is the result: https://ipfs.sloppy.zone/ipfs/QmeYxwj4CwCeGVhwi3xLrmBZUUFQdftshSiGLrTdTnWEVV/

A ipfs gateway/node deployed in like 3 minutes! https://ipfs.sloppy.zone/


Do they still offer free accounts? I could only find a 14-day trial.

Just tried this Docker setup on Heroku and it works like a charm with their free tier.
You’ll need to change the start script to grab the PORT variable (for the Caddy server) from Heroku… For the full update check out my fork: https://github.com/10thfloor/ipfs-gateway

Gateway address is: https://ipfs-gateway.herokuapp.com

Thanks for making this!