IPFs easy/one-click deployment on Free-tier hosting platforms?


I have several use cases for IPFs that have an unusual set of constraints or features:

  • Content Hosts have effectively no technical experience beyond modifying HTML tags
  • Hosts have absolutely no funding for long-term storage nor ability to pay technicians for help
  • Content is static data, often a list of short strings
  • Content belongs to/is intended for the public domain
  • Content may be socially contentious and likely liable to censorship or targeted takedown attacks, while not being illegal nor violating copyright; often associated with marginalized communities
  • There would be substantial, decentralized, disorganized interested consumers in the Content that when finding the content valuable would be eager to “contribute” at the scale of ‘signing a petition’ (enter email addr and click a button)

To serve these use cases, I’d find it extremely useful to be able to one-click deploy an IPFs Node on free-teir hosting spaces and pin the associated IPFs hash there.

For spaces like Heroku, I’d simply write a simple alarm-clock script to ping other free-tier servers to keep them running; timed server sleeping would be no problem and do not need to be considered.

Does a one-click ‘Deploy on Heroku’ or the like button/script exist?

Ideally it’d allow a toggle of gateway/not-gateway.

Would others find this as valuable as I would?

Ps: This is also an example of where being able to pin an arbitrary hash via the node’s web UI, and where having username/password auth into a node’s web UI would be fantastic, although not actually critical.

I have made a container image that makes deploying ipfs to docker or kubernetes a breeze. Please see here: IPFS in Docker with HTTPS

You can configure it to have https, http/s basic auth, or block certain files/urls, and you can still leverage the features of an http server like Caddy to control the usage of your node (rate limiting and ip filtering, etc).


oh hellllllll yes, thank you so fucking much lol