Does IPFS implement Robin fingerprint?

From @sivachandran on Fri Nov 13 2015 05:31:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Tried adding a file multiple times after changing few bytes at the start. Every time the ‘blocks’ directory size increases by full size of the file I am adding. So wondering whether IPFS implements Robin fingerprint based blocking or is it in the roadmap.

Copied from original issue:

From @sivachandran on Fri Nov 13 2015 06:36:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Pasting answer from IRC.

whyrusleeping: we implement rabin fingerprinting, but its not in the default
sivachandran: how can I enable it?
whyrusleeping: ipfs add -s rabin
whyrusleeping: you can also specify some parameters to rabin (this isnt well documented yet, i apologize)
whyrusleeping: example: set average block size: 'ipfs add -s rabin-128000 ’
whyrusleeping: and you can also set min and max block sizes at the same time: 'ipfs add -s rabin 256-4096-8192 ’
whyrusleeping: will try to make the average blocksize 4096, but force the blocks to be less than 8192 and greater than 256
whyrusleeping: sorry, ‘-s rabin-256-4096-8192’
whyrusleeping: needs to be a single string as the parameter