Pin add <hash> is very slow?

some days recent, i have used ipfs pin add/(or ipfs get) to download files, i found the process is very very slow, just like no response. After 10 mins, i had to force it, then again and again, the result is the same.

My demo is that two nodes for ipfs running, one is used aws resource at beijing china with direct wan ip, and the other is my local macbook.
aws node, the command: ipfs add -r file/
local noe , ipfs pin add or get .

is that my local nodes at lan network, cause of the slow action ? or something else problem?


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Since you mentioned that you are in China, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re hitting the great firewall sporadically since they probably haven’t filtered out all IPFS traffic yet.

I am having the same problem. I’ve finally found someone on to play around with the software with. Trying to share images you know. I go “ipfs add [file]” then try to post the hash in but it never loads for him, same when he says he added something on his end and shares the hash with me.

“ipfs network peers” shows that I am connected to hundreds of peers and yet it still seems like the DHT just cant manage to locate the content in question.

I’m having this issue now as well. This was never a problem for me until the past week or so.

ipfs add works as intended but when I try to pin content from another server with ipfs pin add it just hangs. Adding --progress just sticks me an “0 nodes”. (Yes, the ipfs daemon is running lol)

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Same problem here, but I can reach 24 nodes and it sometimes freezes at that point. I have tried adding content through ipfs get but when I want to see the changes in the gateway, it doesn’t load the last version of the folder. :frowning: