Issues with concurrent pinning/adding of content to IPFS through a single node with latest go-ipfs version 0.4.17

Yesterday while running some tests of IPFS and my app I ran into an issue where I was trying to pin content QmYUxBeZfL1BQc8zdqudfAEt61ntouccNKmaNhz95Drfw7, and in another process add a file to IPFS. The content pin never succeeded, and was adding of files (in this case a gif) was stalled. Immediately after cancelling the pin the adding of my gif went through. Subsequent adding of additional files went smoothly as well.

My node was running 0.4.17 on a badgerds repo. So I thought the badgerds feature might be causing a problem, so since this is my test node I wiped out the ipfs repo, re-initialized with --profile=server and used a regular flatfs repo. I again attempted to replicate the problem, which I was able to do, pinning of content QmYUxBeZfL1BQc8zdqudfAEt61ntouccNKmaNhz95Drfw7 while uploading a file caused a stall. Cancelling the pin let the file upload through immediately.

I also thought it could be because my node had so many peers so it would take awhile to query through the DHT, but I reduced my connections to

    "ConnMgr": {
      "GracePeriod": "20s",
      "HighWater": 300,
      "LowWater": 200,
      "Type": "basic"

I’m not quite sure what the issue is here, since adding files seems to work flawlessly. It looks like my node just stalls out trying to process pin requests since when using the --progress flag to a pin request it hangs here and never seems to resolve

Fetched/Processed 46 nodes

I can confirm. It also doesn’t look like a new bug… Should hopefully be fixed by the next release.

Awesome glad to see I’m not the only one haha. Will keep an eye on that issue.