IPFS Add Pin not completing operation

I am trying to ./ipfs add pin and it does not seem to complete operation for a long time. I am attaching the debug information as requested in the debug guide. Any assistance will be appreciated.

file: https://ufile.io/9p4xj

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Thank you for the debugging information, that’s always helpful.

First, I assume the exact command is of the form ipfs pin add /ipfs/... (so we don’t go down the wrong path).

Second, are you pinning a file you already have (e.g., you added it locally) or are you trying to fetch a file from the network? If you’re trying to fetch it from the network, are you sure you’re connected to a peer that has the file? That is, someone on the network has to have it for you to download it.

Regardless, you should upgrade to the latest go-ipfs (0.4.13) and try again. We’ve fixed several bugs that could be responsible for this behavior.

thank you very much for your response. I was looking to fetch it from the network. I will try it again with a connected peer and touch base if it does not work. Thanks for the valuable information.

In general, IPFS should be able to find peers with content and connect to them. However,

  1. If they’re, e.g., behind a NAT, this can be hard.
  2. If they’re offline, this is obviously impossible.
  3. The peer may not have properly (or recently) announced that it has the content in question.