Error when running "ipfs daemon"


I just got this error when I run ipfs daemon

2021-07-25T18:29:14.757+0100 ERROR bitswap providerquerymanager/providerquerymanager.go:338 Received provider (12D3KooWDgfSAgk7G96T3hfsWuYrN48GAzW31HcQWv64PVMbDdR3) for cid (bafkreieuoz64azzrcothz6yzvzqvcyolrnzx5aw6dxddgnka4jue6wtyo4) not requested

2021-07-25T18:42:56.060+0100 ERROR swarm2 go-libp2p-swarm@v0.5.0/swarm_listen.go:98 swarm listener accept error: read udp4 wsarecvfrom: The connection has been broken due to keep-alive activity detecting a failure while the operation was in progress.
2021/07/25 18:42:56 failed to increase receive buffer size (wanted: 2048 kiB, got 2048 kiB). See for details.

Can someone please help me out

The last one has a link on how to fix, the others seem rather harmless.

The link tells me to execute a command in terminal.
But that command doesnt work in windows.