Daemon error returned

Start daemon to use Webiu in Firefox. After daemon loads and webui is started I get this error repeated a number of times.

←[0;37m15:55:22.640 ←[31mERROR ←[0;34mcore/serve: ←[0mPath Resolve error: no link named “en-US” under QmXySugWDTxYr45JojxCtQmcm3Nvij7Tk79R4seBe5Pa6h ←[0;37mgateway_handler.go:510←[0m

Webui seems to be working but some of my local test files become corrupted after viewing them several times.

Are you using go-ipfs on Windows?

Yes, windows 7 I am a real newbe at this.

Windows seems to have some undesireable default behavior that can interfere with the default datastore, but if you’re not seeing any “access denied” errors then it might not be that.

Which version of IPFS are you using?

Are there any other errors leading up to the one in you posted in your first post?

How are they corrupted? Where are you seeing this?