File transfer issue

we, two colleagues could not share file between us by ipfs (both public and private network) , it seems our node is not reachable. we follow this link
File transfer debug and our node (myself and my colleague) can not connect manually or automatically.
what is the reason behind. is it any network issue in our desktop. It should be mentioned that both of us has not public ip. I talked our internet provider and they informed me. this is my router information.

can you give me the exact reason behind it and how can I resolve it ?

Attempting to understand the configuration you two have …

So on your network, you cannot port forward because you’re also behind your ISP’s NAT or something.

Where is your coworker hosting their node from? The same network?

If you’re both on the same network, try following File transfer debug but instead of using the external address to connect, use the LAN address.

sorry for late reply,
we are in different network. we used our LAN address(its basically isp public ip address, I guess) but did not get any fruitful output.

No worries on the late reply! Forums are great for busy schedules.

I wonder if there’s no way for you to host on that ISP at all, if you’d have to rely on relays. There’s the experimental AutoRelay feature designed to try to automatically seek out relays and utilise them. Effectively utilising other nodes with public relaying enabled as TURN servers.