How to transfer files using ipfs between two different routers

how to transfer files using ipfs between two different routers.
one system is connected to one router IP 10.x.x.x
another system is connected to different router IP 192.x.x.x
so how that ll communicate each other and how they can exchange the files.

@kiran Router does not matter, when you have installed ipfs and ipfs daemon is running…
You can upload file’s hash to ipfs and download the file using hash in the other system.
PS: unless you have your own private network, this will work with any two nodes connected to internet, located in any part of this world.

If this doesn’t work effectively, you may want to directly add the multiaddr of your former IPFS node to the latter’s.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the replay,
I understand what you told, but my requirement is how the ipfs private-network will work right, like the same thing it should work in across network means different routers or dongles.
is there any way to do that if you know please explain briefly

thanks for replay,
not getting can you explain breifly

If you want an entirely different private IPFS network, you should look at these series of posts and take the help of IPFS clusters concept. I have already started working on this, personally trying to set up private ipfs network using aws nodes.