"Files" tab not workin

Hello everyone from the small island of Korpo :green_heart:

I installed IPFS about two months ago, I am minting NFTs and also just launched a webpage to offer my web develop service for the web 3.0 (with sites hosted on IPFS).

I am making sure that I import and pin all these projects on my local node, so I go to “files” tab, and import them, everything works fine until this point BUT, when I try to pin some files, some of them get pinned, but some of them don’t success (it does not matter how many times I try). Another issue I am finding is that when I click in the folder that contains the webpage, it makes like it’s opening the folder, but it will be there just trying to open the folder without any success.

Is there anybody experiences the same kind of issues with the “files” tab? Are these common issues?

Thanks for what you do. Love.