Galacteek 0.4.22 released

galacteek 0.4.22 was released, you can download it here

  • Use go-ipfs version 0.5.1 in the AppImage/dmg

  • Hashmarks can be tagged and searched by tags.
    The hashmark database can be synced from git repositories.

  • The editor can now import directories. Better preview (using QtWebEngine).
    Now it’s easier to push content from the editor to a pyramid.

  • IPNS resolution improvements

  • Live peers/bandwidth graphs (just hover the rotating
    cube to popup the status panel)

  • The chat is now multi-channel. The chat channels list
    is synced by pubsub+CRDT and stored in a DAG.

Note: consider the chat really experimental as it’s based on pubsub :slight_smile:

Thanks to @danrobi11 for testing it ! You can now sponsor the project through github. Join the #galacteek channel :slight_smile:

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