Galacteek: v0.6.1 update (RDF hashmarks with intelligent tags from wikidata/dbpedia)

galacteek (download) was updated to v0.5.8, see the release changelog below.

All the discovered content is now stored as RDF and thanks to the SparQL models it’s now much easier to search for content from the UI.

[0.5.8] - 2022-09-24


  • browser: Monkeypatch fetch() to support loading IPFS objects natively without any JS requirements
  • Interceptor: add http://domain.eth to ens://domain.eth redirection
  • Add a resource blocking system (with python-adblock; block lists are pulled from IPFS)
  • Add the ips:// URL scheme (renders IPS JSON-LD schemas)
  • Add a UI action to view IPS schemas
  • Implement intelligent RDF tags (inspired from “Meaning of a tag”)
  • pronto: support for subconjunctive graphs (parent store)
  • pubsub sniffer: nicer UI (add topic filter and max messages widgets)
  • Add UI elements in the settings to configure the various webprofiles
  • Add support for Greasemonkey scripts
  • Use a popup (vs a tab previously) for the pinning status widget
  • Add support for configurable dark theme inside QtWebEngine widgets
  • browser: Detect page’s language from lang tag and pass it to addHashmark


  • Hashmarks: use RDF storage (old hashmarks db is deprecated, possible to migrate from the UI)
  • js-ipfs-http-client: upgrade to v49.0.2
  • IPFS search UI
    • Add an IPFS gateway UI selector
    • Add an exact MIME type filter
    • Add a filter for “last seen period” (helps to filter out dead content)
    • Search results are buffered in a RDF graph and periodically flushed
    • Embed audio and video content in the search results


  • Pubsub sniffer UI (bugfix): unhook PS listeners when the widget is destroyed
  • Fix “Repeated subscription to key” aiopubsub message warnings
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Very cool! Always a good day when a Galacteek update drops :slight_smile:.

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@reload is there anything I can pin on IPFS to support this project :-?

Thank you @Discordian :slight_smile: Still got a long way to go but i like the new RDF bookmarking system, you search for content and it’s graphed as RDF on-the-fly, and can be queried from the address bar.

Actually the code is already there to make a live distributed search system (what you search is broadcasted live to other peers) but not sure that’s something most people would want. When you bookmark something you can store it in a “public” graph and all peers will instantly receive it.

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Very good question @kienngo98 thanks for asking.

I pin a lot of assets to Pinata and i have a custom Pinata gateway. I used to pin the AppImages and other installers there and i’ll reactivate that very soon (actually maybe tomorrow), when it’s pinned i’ll reply here.

There are also many different packages that are built via GitLab CI (for example the hashmarks RDF dataset), and they are pinned to IPFS. This would also be worth pinning and doesn’t weigh much, i’ll post here a link to a script that collects all the asset CIDs.

Most needed right now is to test it (especially the ens:// URL scheme and the ipfs-search UI) and reporting bugs.

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So here’s the AppImage’s IPFS directory that’s worth pinning (it’s about 250Mb):


Much appreciated.

Thanks. Would also be nice if you can include these CIDs on every future update, I’d be happy to pin’em for you

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Actually the AppImage and the DMG only contain the basic python environment (miniconda3 and the base python requirements) The rest of the galacteek python wheels are pulled/updated when you run the image. So these images (AppImage and DMG) very rarely need to be updated (only when there’s a major Qt update) that’s why it’s good to pin them.

Thanks again.

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[0.6.0] - 2022-10-20


  • UI dialog to create tags
  • Settings: add a setting to enable/disable the resource blocker (disabled by default)
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AppImage updated. There’s now a Flatpak IPFS bundle available as well.

Now possible to tag pages by doing search queries on wikidata or dbpedia (demo here). Should work with all languages.

[0.6.1] - 2022-11-06


  • LDSearcher widget: linked-data searcher
  • Tags dialog: make it possible to add new tags by querying wikidata or dbpedia

There’s now support in galacteek for building dwebsites with hugo (static website generator), using pyramids. Only tested on linux, but in theory should work on all platforms.

[0.6.3] - 2023-03-14


  • Support for building websites with hugo (a static website generator)

    • New dialog to automatically download and install hugo (extended version)
    • Support for changing the hugo theme from a list of standalone themes
  • Pyramids

    • Add a menu action to copy the pyramid’s URL using one of the public IPFS HTTP gateways
    • Add a menu action to pin the pyramid’s content locally or to a remote IPFS pinning service


  • Text editor: flash the pyramid drop button after a modification to a file is made