Galacteek v0.4.35 released

galacteek v0.4.35 was just released, you can download it here

This release catches up with go-ipfs v0.7 and brings crypto-related improvements (pubsub channels can now use RSA-AES or curve25519), encrypted chat, base36 support for IPNS, easy Markdown syntax to link IPFS objects, …

Try it out and give a shout in the #galacteek channel (be patient as peers first authentication can be slow)

Release notes

In no particular order:

  • Use go-ipfs version v0.7 and fs-repo-migrations v1.6.4.

  • Patch py-multibase to support base36, base36upper multibases (this makes galacteek and the cidhelpers library compatible with the new base36-encoded IPNS key format that go-ipfs 0.7 introduced)

  • EC-encrypted (curve25519) pubsub topics (using PyNacl)

  • All chat channels are now encrypted (curve25519). Number of connected users per channel is displayed in the channels list when joining.

  • Introduce custom Markdown syntax to link IPFS objects anywhere in the app (this is documented in the manual). It supports embedding images and video/audio content. Videos can be viewed inside chat channels.

  • RSA: Use AES-256 in CBC mode by default (compatibility with EAX mode will remain)

  • JWS token generation and verification with jwcrypto

  • Make the helmet the default DID avatar (important!)

  • DAG exchange services skip already processed messages (pubsub services now store message metadata)

  • Set timeouts on ipfssearch/cyber queries to prevent search timeouts when one engine is not replying.

That’s it! Enjoy, and give a tip if you can.