Galacteek 0.5.2 released

Galacteek version 0.5.2 was just released, you can download it here.

There’s a Telegram channel now.

It now supports the Gemini protocol on all platforms. The bundled go-ipfs daemon has been upgraded to the latest version, 0.9.1

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Windows installer exe is unsigned and because of that it wont run

Hello. For the moment you’ll need to change the policy in the settings:

It might be signed via SIGNTOOL in the near-future if a certificate comes our way (honestly, signed apps … just a false sense of security …)

Galacteek is fantastic!

If you like IPFS, definitely spend some time exploring Galacteek’s many features.

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Thanks @yeehi !

The pimp-my-dweb branch now contains the code for what i call the OntoloChain (chain of semantic objects). Rather than having a global chain, each peer maintains an individual chain of semantic objects (expanded from IPLD+JSON-LD to RDF), objects being linked by their URI. This forms a distributed global RDF graph, synchronized over IPFS tunnels. All objects are signed via JSON-LD signatures.

The first dapp that uses this concept, dvoz, is in the early stages and only allows to write articles and posts, the priority right now is the protocol …

The test AppImages can be downloaded here

So long.

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Your wondeful Free Software deserves far more users. Please consider making a habit of including some screenshots/screencasts of Galacteek’s features in use. There are a couple of useful tools for this:

(Be careful of sharex! By default it starts uploading to a public image server, so be sure to disable this “feature” the very first thing you do after installing it.)

There is a nice GNU+Linux fork of ShareX somewhere, but I couldn’t find it…

A picture says a thousand words! ShareX lets you easily create a GIF from a screen recording.

If you created a channel on and uploaded a short screencast of each feature there, you would deservedly have far more users, I am sure.

I often use simplescreenrecorder. Demo video coming soon …

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Made a quick (and lame) demo video of dvoz, will do a complete one with more content some day. It shows how posts/likes work and how you navigate the graph …

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Odysee channel for galacteek

I’ll make different videos for specific features.

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