Galacteek 0.4.42 released

galacteek version 0.4.42 was released. you can download it here, or use the links below.


Note: the win installer’s size has gotten down significantly, this could be due to UPX compression, please report any issue here


  • BitMessage support

  • Themes support. moon3 is the default theme

  • Hierarchical, per-module config system based on omegaconf

  • Introduce APIs to dynamically start P2P services associated with
    a DID service

  • Introduce protocol versioning by default for P2P services

  • Async logging handlers (logbook)

  • galacteek.ipfs.ipfsops.IPFSOperator: add coroutines to dial P2P services from a full service address, e.g /p2p/Qm…/x/myservice

  • Python dependencies


  • Combine async services (GService) with in-app JSON-LD PubSub messaging. This should become the official way of pushing events throughout the app.
  • Use dynamic, configurable processing throttlers for all pubsub services
  • galacteek.ipfs.asyncipfsd.AsyncIPFSDaemon: the daemon’s configuration is now done in an atomic call (by externally calling ipfs config replace). This makes the boot process faster.
  • Configurable webprofiles


  • Memory leak in the BrowserTab class (Qt reparenting)
  • UTF-8 rendering of blog posts