(go) IPFS + filestore enabled + docker + add API call with nocopy=true => not working?

Hi there.
I’m playing around with (go) IPFS for several purposes and I hit a use case that might be bugged.

Basically the use case looks like:

  • A linux/AMD machine.
  • An IPFS node with filestore enabled.
  • Such node is running inside docker.
  • IPFS_PATH is mounted as a regular docker volume mapped to host fs. Also tested the case where no volume is mapped to host fs. So either way.

curl -v -X POST "" -F 'file=@${FILE};headers="Abspath: ${IPFS_PATH}/${FILE}"'


  1. The file is not at the expected location.
  2. The response is a normal CID.
  3. The % of disk usage doesn’t get affected in proportion to added file size. (few kbs change vs couple of Mbs for the file). This hints the file is not “uploaded” or saved somehow.
  4. The ipfs filestore ls reports a big list of parts? of the given ${FILE}

Extra details:

  • A simple add with nocopy=false works normally.
  • I’ve tried to find and read as many issues about this “nocopy” topic as possible, but I couldn’t find any that implies docker. I haven’t (yet) checked if this use case would work out of docker.