Has IPFS implemented Reed-Solomon error correction?

Hi guys, I am a students in college, new to IPFS. I have read some Documents about IPFS.
I have question about IPFS, How IPFS ​​to deal with Failure node.
I really want to know:
1) has IPFS implemented Reed-Solomon error correction tech to deal with Failure?
2)if so, which part of source code does so? I want to read it.

Here is my search about the question, the IPFS may have implemented Reed-Solomon error correction.
1 Storing the data with redundancy? Storing the data with redundancy?
This is an old faq relateded to my question. He said IPFS can use Reed-Solomon error correction.

2 Reed-Solomon layer over IPFS #196 https://github.com/ipfs/notes/issues/196
The other post said A Possible Architecture for Reed-Solomon on IPFS. So I think IPFS may have implemented Reed-Solomon.


In short, no. IPFS currently assumes that your underlying filesystem is reliable. We are working on a replication solution (ipfs-cluster) and may eventually implement a datastore with built-in error correction but it’s not high on our list of priorities at the moment. The current best solution is to layer an error correction solution (e.g., raid).

Thanks for the reply. Before I asked this questions. My tutor doubted IPFS don’t have any backup means. He thinked EC-Reed-Solomon had implemented in IPFS.