Help needed! Testing Siderus Orion v1.0.6-beta

Hello and happy holidays everybody! :tada:

Siderus Orion is an easy to use IPFS desktop client. It is designed to help the first-time users to get started with IPFS. It allows users to manage content and keys, if needed it will set up a IPFS node locally for you. To share files for the first time on IPFS, nothing else is required except the app itself. (no extra dependencies or CLI shenannigans needed).

We have released the last beta version for Siderus Orion and we are looking for more feedback, testing it and discovering bugs! At the moment the stable version is pretty old (v0.9) but the next release (v1.0) will include a ton of new features as well as improvements.

If anybody wants to help debugging and testing the beta, this is the URL:
Any feedback is appreaciated, and we are collecting it on GitHub. Anybody can chat with us on our Matrix chatroom too