Help run ipfs-cluster-follow

Can’t add to IPFS Websites cluster
ipfs-cluster-follow ipfs-websites run --init
Ends in error


C:\Users\Celleron_2.4G\Desktop\ipfs>ipfs-cluster-follow ipfs-websites run --init will be assumed to be an DNSLink-powered address: /ipns/
It will be resolved using the local IPFS daemon’s gateway (
If this is not the case, specify the full url starting with http:// or https://.
(You can override the gateway URL by setting IPFS_GATEWAY)

Identity written to D:\1.ipfs_cluster\ipfs-websites\identity.json.
Configuration written to D:\1.ipfs_cluster\ipfs-websites\service.json.
Cluster “ipfs-websites” follower peer initialized.

You can now use “ipfs-cluster-follow ipfs-websites run” to start a follower peer for this cluster.
(Remember to start your IPFS daemon before)
Starting the IPFS Cluster follower peer for “ipfs-websites”.
CTRL-C to stop it.
Checking if IPFS is online (will wait for 2 minutes)…
waiting for IPFS to become available on /ip4/…
2020-11-11T19:30:02.747+0300 ←[34mINFO←[0m config config/config.go:361 loading configuration from
creating REST API component: listen unix D:\1.ipfs_cluster\ipfs-websites\api-socket: socket: An address incompatible with the requested protocol was u

Win7 x64