IPFS Cluster follower from docker on PC

Hi There,

I have a configuration that seems to be working on IPFS nodes and cluster if I create a new droplet on the digital ocean and another one for follower cluster node. However, when I try the same with my PC it seems to connect to the node but not the cluster.

Here’s my follower configuration:

Thanks in advance

One thing I notice is that peer_addresses contains what seem to be ipfs-daemon multiaddresses for 2 nodes (on port 4001), where it should just have ipfs-cluster daemon multiaddresses for other peers (port 9096, result of ipfs-cluster-ctl id on each peer)

Other than that, ports should be open etc.

Thank you for the clarification.

In addition to that, the address is not in follower configuration but rather domain-name or ip of the master node