Ipfs-cluster-ctl peers add problem

hi, now i got a cluster problem on windows7 when a run “ipfs-cluster-ctl peers add” it return “No help topic for ‘add’”

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With the new release that is the incorrect way to add peers to a cluster, and must be done via:
ipfs-cluster-service daemon ---bootstrap......

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great , and i tried but it return :" ERROR raft: NOTICE: Some RAFT log messages repeat and will only be logged once logging.go"

Sounds like some incorrect configuration. I believe the cluster secret, and cluster directory need to be accessible as environment variables, and that the cluster config file be properly setup.

i havent change the configuration ,its just default

Ah okay. With IPFS Cluster the default configuration will generate a random cluster secret, so the two peers won’t be able to join and form a cluster, so that most likely explains the issue that you are having.

Do you know what could cause " ipfs-cluster consensus start timed out "

I believe that is a problem when your cluster can’t elect a RAFT leader in a certain period of time. You can try increasing raft leader election timeouts. Can your peers talk to each other, or is it possible there is a firewall or something else preventing connectivity.

Hey @charles, have a look to the documentation which explains in great detail how to configure and start a cluster: https://cluster.ipfs.io/documentation/

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