[SOLVED] Not able to ADD peer to a cluster using HTTP endpoint

I am using this request to add a peer to the cluster, but I am hitting error decoding peer_id error.

In case you don’t have Postman installed, here is a screenshot.

cc @hector

Works when “PeerId” is replaced with “peer_id”

while the “add peer” endpoint exists, it should rather not be used. The only safe way to add a Raft peer is by bootstrapping during startup. For crdt-mode, add-peer is mostly a no-op.

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Yeah. While adding tests, I also realized that bootstrapping is the only safe way to add peers.
Will remove the peers.add endpoint in v0.0.7.

Also, if possible, can you see what more improvements can be done in ipfs-cluster-api and add some issues.

Also, can you give some hint here: issue #6