Error Adding cluster node

I’, facing an error while adding the the cluster node. And the error is “error error parsing bootstrap multiaddress ([/ip4/XXXX/tcp/9096/XXXXX]): no protocol with name XXXX”

Can anyone help me over it?


You’re missing ipfs in the multiaddr:

/ip4/ ipfs/ 9a420ec947512b8836d8eb46e1c56fdb746ab8a78015b9821e6b46b38344038f (spaces added for clarity)

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9a420ec947512b8836d8eb46e1c56fdb746ab8a78015b9821e6b46b38344038f looks like the cluster secret key, so you might want to regenerate a new secret key given that anyone reading this can now see the cluster secret. Additionally that looks like a public IP, and you probably don’t want random internet folk’s talking to your cluster.

Run ipfs-cluster-ctl id one of your nodes that’s already part of the cluster, and it will output a send of multiaddresses. Underneath the Addresses field, copy any one of those addresses that’s reachable from your new host, and provide it as the argument to ipfs-cluster-service daemon --bootstrap <arg>

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Thanks @mcamou for your support I’m still getting an error for:

ERROR apitypes: invalid peer multiaddress
ERROR cluster: invalid peer multiaddress:

@postables Thanks for your suggestion this will be the 1st host which I’m trying to connect.

No problem! I’m 99% sure the issue you mention here is because you’re trying to specify the peerID as a secret key. Additionally you should be able to find your peerID within the id section of your cluster service.json file