[Hiring] IPFS-savvy Social Media Marketer Needed for Layer2 Crypto Startup

Hey everyone,

We’re the TEA Project, pioneering a way of bringing full speed decentralized cloud computing to the blockchain. And IPFS is integral to how we’re storing encrypted code and data.

We just closed our latest funding round and are now looking to hire a social media manager. The primary channels you’ll manage are Twitter and Telegram, and you’d help out with AMAs on YouTube.

Our primary requirements, besides social media job experience, is a candidate who understands IPFS concepts as well as the emerging architecture of Web3. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that the applicant have a good grasp of IPFS and has a sound technical understanding of blockchain concepts as much of the content you’ll be posting is highly technical. We don’t want someone who’s just going to post memes and call it a day, that’s why we’re searching here for someone who understands IPFS as it’s one of the technical underpinnings of our ecosystem.

Our ideal candidate works remotely from either USA of Asia time zones to better coordinate with the rest of the team. Salary is competitive and can include a blend of USDT and regular salary.

• More about us: https://teaproject.org

• Apply for the job: https://angel.co/l/2wMqLA

You can also DM if you have more questions, good luck!

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