How can I get in contact with a team member?

Im looking to impltement IPFS on my social media website, but am looking to ask a few questions over a call. Is this possible? Im having a hell of a time finding contact info? Are they trying to remain anonymous?

Have you tried asking your questions on this discuss forum, or even one of the many community chat rooms? Odds are you’ll be able to get your answer there, and a core dev might even be the one who answers them!

the matrix bridge for irc
the #ipfs room on freenode

Im just really looking to understand the steps needed to implement this and get a little bit of a “hand-hold” through the process.

That sounds like what the community chat rooms are for, and even this community forum probably would be sufficient to get the answers you need, although responses here can be a little slower than the community chat rooms. There’s 1255 people online in the IRC channel, and I’m positive at least one of those will have the answers or help you’re looking for.