How do I see how much disk space a recursive pin is consuming?

I know the recursive pin its self isn’t using much data at all, but I mean all of the indirect hashes that it points to all added to gather.

The way I see it is that individual hashes aren’t that important. I don’t think I have even manually pinned a hash that wasn’t recursive. So if any of my pins are taking up too much disk space I would want to look at the recursive hashes that are taking up the most room and see if I really need them. Not sure how to do this though. :thinking:

ipfs object stat HASH

Will get you the recursive size of an object which will give you an approximate idea of how much disk space the pinned object is taking.

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Thanks! Works like a charm.

I was searching around through the documentation and everything in ipfs object was rather arcane. It didn’t occur to me that

Get stats for the DAG node named by < key >.

Was exactly what I was looking for :sweat_smile: