How private network support pinner service?

I setup a priviate network, but I also want to use the pinner service to speed up the resources. How can I do? Should IPFS private network support retrieve data from the public network?

What do you mean by private network?

What are you trying to do by “speeding up the resources”?

Thanks for you response, private network means the kubo experimental feature:

And I want to pin my resources to the pinner service under private network.

When you create a private network, you limit the swarm only to peers who have the shared swarm key and you won’t be able to use pinning services, as they will fail to connect to your nodes.

Typically once a pinning services successfully pins your data, it can be considered public.

Another approach you might want to consider is encrypting your data before adding to IPFS, however, this also comes with risks, as the encrypted data would be public, and potentially prone to future attacks and vulnerabilities in the encryption cipher.