How to add files to ipfs using ingress url from the command line tool - ipfs-cluster-ctl?

I have deployed ipfs-cluster as a statefulset with 3 replicas in Azure Kubernetes cluster. Created loadbalancer service for ipfs and used the loadbalancer service ip to add files using ipfs-cluster-ctl like below,

ipfs-cluster-ctl --host /ip4/ add test.txt

The above command provides CID as an output. Sample output looks like,

added Qmeeyj7hldjsj9XCoLSK6dY7ZTVTt8YcjfHXAuTzhCrz test.txt

Now, I have created ingress using haproxy for the ipfs-cluster service and tried to access the added files using the ingress url, sample url looks like,

The above url works fine and showing the file content of test.txt

But now I need to use the ingress url instead of loadbalancer ip to add files using ipfs-cluster-ctl. I don’t find any reference to achieve this. Can anyone please guide me to add files to ipfs using ingress url.

Thanks in Advance!