How to configure more than one addresses for "http_listen_multiaddress" in service.json

The detailed steps are below:
1.Set up a IPFS cluster with two nodes. It is successful.
2.In node1, use REST API to get pins:
It is successful
3.Modify http_listen_multiaddress in service.json to “/ip4/”, and then access the REST API from another node. It is successful.
4.Modify http_listen_multiaddress in service.json to “/ip4/,/ip4/” or “/ip4/ /ip4/”. Restart ipfs-cluster-service, and it failed because the http_listen_multiaddress format can’t be parsed.
So the question comes: how to configure more than one addresses for http_listen_multiaddress in service.json? What is the format? What is the delimiter between different addresses? It seems no documentation presents this. Thanks in advance.

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