Setting up 3 IPFS Cluster and connecting them

I had setup 3 ipfs cluster on different ubuntu machine. Now I want to connect Ipfs cluster 1 machine to cluster 2 and cluster 3 machine.
So that when I add some data on cluster so able to see that data on cluster 2 and cluster 3 as well.
Also when we use ipfs-cluster-ctl peers ls command on cluster 1 machine so able to see 2 connected peers which is host ip of cluster 2 and cluster 3. Please help me how can i do that

You can pre-fill the peers multiaddresses in the peerstore files in the cluster configuration folder (~/.ipfs-cluster/peerstore ). See Download and setup - Pinset orchestration for IPFS.

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Yes, now I am able to see 2 peers in my cluster1 machine. Could you please tell me how can I create rest api to add data into IPFS Cluster. Please guide me.

You can use ipfs-cluster-ctl to add data. Start by reading the Kubo and the Cluster documentation to get a better understanding of how things work.

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The rest api is active by default.