How to download all files pinned to Pinata in one Zip file

Hello IPFS community!

I have a Piñata account with roughly 250 individual pins (50% are PNGs and 50% are in GLB/glTF). They were uploaded by users of a web app.

I would like to have a copy of all the pins ~ uploads I received on this web app. Preferably to be able to download a Zip file and have all the pins inside it.

Do you think it is possible to do so? If yes, could you please explain in detail the process to achieve this?

I am tech savy but only up to a certain point and I do not have much experience with nodes / Ipfs or Pinata. When I asked the question to their support team they told me that they aren’t sure how to do it and the best way would be to ask the question directly to the IPFS community.

Thank you for your time!