Uploading directory via Py - Pintata

Hello everyone😊

Just wondering if someone is able to help me with uploading files thru http POST via Pythons request library.

How do I go about uploading a whole dir wrapped with file names.

Currently my python script creates files in a OUTPUT folder, I need whole output folder uploaded wrapped so I can access it using ipfs://cidexample/OUTPUT/1 etc

Does anyone have experience with posting whole dirs to ipfs via pinatas http endpoints and can plz point me in the right direction?

Thank you :blush:

Hey there!

While our team doesn’t have extensive python experience, community members have built packages that use python with Pinata.

You may find this github package useful: https://github.com/Vourhey/pinatapy/blob/master/pinatapy/init.py

Hopefully that helps!

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