How To Get latest update from Orbit-DB?

First, I should ask - is Orbit-DB still in development? It looks like there hasn’t been any significant activity in a while. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree…

Anyway - I am working on a simple web app that uses Orbit as the database. The application is a table with 3 columns of data, which are editable by the user. The user can add additional rows in the table. Each row is a data object that is committed to the database.

Question - how do I find the latest updates to the database? Say a user in app instance A adds an object to the table? How will app instance B know about it, and add that entry to its displayed table?

Orbit has the kvstore.get(key) function. But I don’t necessarily know what keys are being used. What about a kvstore.getLatest()? Or another way to do this?

Apologies if this is a stupid question. I’m not usually a developer. This is just a little side project. IPFS sounds really cool, so I thought I’d jump in.

Hi there! I am just a random person and leave your technical questions for someone more knowledgable to answer, but yes, orbit-db is an actively developed project. The lead dev was on hiatus for a few months but is now back.

Thanks, Claus. Also, I think I figured out the answer to my question, using the counterstore.

For what it’s worth - I’m trying to follow the following example:

A general comment on Orbit:

As a less technical person, it would be very helpful to have more verbose comments in the sample code. With such a simple example as this, it took me a while to see the full potential of the counterstore, and why you would ever want to use it. This would be especially helpful, since the documentation is pretty thin.